Ruby-Cliffed Redstone and Marble


Elevation & Climate

Redstone sits at 7,000 feet and Marble perches at 7,992.  Brief afternoon showers are frequent in the summer. In winter, Aspen is renowned for its sun. Days range from 20 to 40 degrees in town and from 10 to 30 on the mountain. Once the sun goes down, the temperature drops dramatically to the teens and the occasional zero reading.

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Redstone is a charming town of about 200 that sits below flaming sandstone cliffs (shown below). Redstone's pastel-colored homes, picket fences, eclectic boutiques and antique shops are centered around the gracious Redstone Inn, a 42-room Tudor mansion completed in 1902.

Above: Looking down on cottages in Redstone.

Above: A moose wading in the river.

Above: The historic Crystal Mill near Marble, CO.

The town was founded by John Cleveland Osgood, a turn-of-the-century entrepreneur who develop a coal mining and iron and steel manufacturing empire. The entrance to Redstone is marked by a row of iconic beehive coke ovens that were originally used for the coal mining operation.

John Osgood was a bit of a social entrepeneur, and his somewhat utopian ideas have left landmarks in Redstone. To improve the miners' living conditions of the miners, he conducted a social experiment. He constructed 84 Swiss-style chalets for family housing, plus an elegant 20 room inn, now known as the Redstone Inn, for the bachelors. The Inn and many of the chalets survive today and have been handsomely renovated, giving the town a charming character.

Redstone is a welcoming community that celebrates its past and present with open-air summer concerts, an art fair and other social events. In 2000, Marble held 105 people, 45 households, and 27 families, and the median family income was $47,292.

The Personality of Marble

Marble has become a summer tourist destination, benefiting from fame of the Yule Marble Quarry.

Marble was first incorporated in 1899; its quarry began operating in the late 19th century. The marble from the quarry is considered to be of exceptional quality and has been used in the Tomb of the Unknowns, the Lincoln Memorial and civic buildings in San Francisco.

Despite transportation costs, this high-quality stone is now exported in large quantities to Europe and Asia for transformation and use throughout the world, as well as being sold into the US market. You can also see beautiful chunks of it in the new Carbondale library, where it serves as side tables.

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Events & Attractions

Every summer since 1988, artists from across the US and abroad have convened in Marble for an annual sculpting symposium. Seven sites within Marble have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Redstone & Marble Schools

These are among the best-rated schools schools around Redstone and Marble:

  • Redstone Kindercare (Private, Preschool)
  • Redstone Elementary School (Public, K-6)
  • Marble Charter School (Charter, K-10)

To see more detail about these schools and daycare facilities, visit this Redstone page at and this Marble page at Older children attend school in Carbondale; you may view Carbondale schools on this link.